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Foundation of Kreis Industrievertretungen Incorporated in Eltville/Germany.


Foundation of Kreispack Polen Sp.Z.o.o. in Poznan/Poland. Since that time there have been founded further plants in Poland which are still running.


Foundation of KIV Kreis GmbH with Headquarters in Eltville/Germany. Corporate purpose is trading and manufacturing of plastic food-grade packaging.


Foundation of plant location KIV Kreis GmbH in F├╝rstenwalde/ Germany. Production of thermoformed plastic food-grade packaging from OPS, APET and PP take place here, notably for the EU market.

Standard Packacking

A wide range of existing Food-grade packaging, which meets the highest standards of functionality, hygiene and economy in contemporary design, is at your disposal. In addition, we support you with individually in material, shape, color and volume made packaging solutions for food, such as meat and baked goods, salads, vegetables, confectionery and dairy products.

Customized Packaging

The package of a product is the means of transportation on its way from manufacturer to user and should be functional and promotional at the same time. We advise food manufacturers in selecting, improving and optimizing of existing standard products. We develop new, perfect on customer wishes and needs aligned packaging solutions from sealing trays and clamshells, on MAP packaging up to packaging for automatic or semi-automatic production lines.

Production Technology

We extrude our plastics film in-house. Further processing takes place at modern high level thermoforming equipment which helps us to manufacture Food packaging in line with the market. In our Injection molding department, we implement trade assortments and individual customer requirements.

Printing Division

We print beer cups, drinking cups, round Delicatessen cups and lids (deli cup lids rectangular as well) - according to your wishes and ideas.